Studio E – Phillip Schmidt

I make pottery because I want to bless others with my craft. I know that my creative abilities are God-given and because of this feel an exuberance, joy, and responsibility when making. This is my way of thanking and praising God–to make the best work I can.

I make straightforward pots: cups and bowls with a smattering of other functional pieces thrown in. I keep fussiness to a minimum using innate and uncomplicated gestures. The whole of the pot, its form, is especially focused on to render something that I think speaks honestly. These are glazed and fired to cone 1 (2100F) in an oxidized atmosphere. 

The pots that I put forth are the ones I find most gratifying and I hope that others will also share in this joy and be enriched by using them. My clay heroes are Steve Rolf, Kirk Freeman, Warren Mackenzie, Dick Cooter, and Jean-Nicolas Gérard.