Studio M – Lewis Derry – Pottery

Studio M – David Estrada Metal Art – 2865 Westlund Dr NE, Ham Lake, MN 55304

I grew up in a family of food-centrics, or foodies. The love of preparing and sharing food instilled in all of us by my mother who, to this day, has a pile of baking and cooking recipes by her bedside for nightly reading.  I discovered pottery in my high school art classes and haven’t stopped loving the art form ever since.  The pots I make are the result of finding creative balance between function and beauty.  I try to make pots that have a “liveliness” to them.  In an attempt to give the future owner of the pot a varied experience with every use. The atmospheric soda glaze firing method I use to finish my pots, imparts that same sense of liveliness to the process for me.  The pottery, no matter how identical going into the kiln, come out looking very different from each other.  This is due to the randomness of the path of the soda vapor as it travels through the kiln, glazing each pot.  I am a potter and a maker to the core of my being.  I hope my pottery can provide, to all those who own my work, a sense of artistry in the most fundamental moments of every day life.  Enjoy!