Studio I – Laura Burlis

A miniature landscape momentarily becomes a paradise for your eyes.

I try to distill a lifetime of observing nature into these miniature worlds.

My medium is polymer clay. Many viewers assume that my polymer clay images are painted.

My use of the medium feels like a cross between using clay as solid paint, and cutting and assembling the clay like a mosaic. It most closely resembles “pietra dura”, an italian term for the inlay technique of fitting highly polished cut gemstones closely together to form images.

The polymer clay lends itself to making highly detailed designs. Just as the design of a millefiori cane can be “reduced” ever smaller and smaller, concentrating its detail and contrast,  I like to distill the essence of a landscape to its jewel-like essentials.

Studio H – 13361 East Marigold Court – Andover, MN  55304