Studio H – Larry Retzlaff

Studio H – 1113 133rd Lane NE – Ham Lake, MN   55304

I choose to work in either oils or acrylics frequently with cold wax and/or Venetian plaster.   

I am interested in what color, mark making, and adding various materials to the paint to to generate strong images on the canvas or board.  

My process can take from just a few to many layers of materials and colors.   From the first color layer to the last I seek an interaction that produces an abstract image that interests me.  

The themes that recur in my works are open spaces, color, and horizons. 

Born in Red Wing, Minnesota 1949.   Attended the North Dakota State School of Science and then Metropolitan State University (BS).   My business career was with three major medical device manufacturers, in a wide range of administrative roles.   

In 2008 I left the corporate world and joined the arts community with my first studio in the Microbrew Artists Coop in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.   

For ten years I shared a studio in the Q.arma Building with my wife, Geri.  Geri is an accomplished hand weaver.  Together we made up the Third Life Studio.  Beyond creating and showing our art  we hosted and coordinated 35 gallery shows in the Q.arma Building Q1 Gallery featuring over 50 immerging visual artists from the community.  

For the past ten years I have participated in the annual Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) Art-A-Whirl event.  I have exhibited with Artists Del Norte (abstract landscape painting  – Award of Excellance) and at the Hallerg Center for the Arts with the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community (Photography – People’s Choice award).