Studio C – Laura Kranstover – Silver Jewelry

Precious metal, especially silver, is endlessly fascinating. The most compelling aspect about working with silver is that it has so many ways to be shaped and formed. Silver can be stretched, or condensed, or reconstituted into a clay that can be fired and leave you with any shape imaginable. It can be liquified and poured, etched and embedded. I never tire of working with silver. There seems to not be enough time to explore all the ways it can be manipulated and formed.

I worked with silver in my early twenties but was too broke to afford many tools. Now that it is quite a few years later, and I can afford the tools, I still feel the endless fascination with silver work. There are so many more products, and classes offered, and ways to connect with others who work with silver than there were even ten years ago.

The work I am currently pursuing is making a series of contemporary silver cuffs. The cuffs have silver pieces crossing over the wrist, yet are not always connected to each other. I like the idea of making silver look suspended. No two cuffs are the same. The direction the silver is taking as I work is where the final cuff design goes. I also like the idea that each cuff, when not being worn, is like a small sculpture standing on it’s own.

Studio C – Laura Kranstover – 4869 142nd Ln NW, Ramsey, MN 55303