Studio B – Leo Tushaus – Ceramics

After retiring from my career as a commercial photographer several years ago, I was searching for a new creative outlet. I considered printmaking, as that was something I had enjoyed in college, but felt it might be overly influenced by my photography. I wondered: What would be distinct from photography but still in the mainstream of the arts? My answer to that question was ceramics. 

I had done some throwing in college, but with minimal success, so this time around I decided to try hand building. My thought was to dabble in clay for a few years, and then move onto printmaking. Seven years later I am still working with clay!

In my work I try to straddle the line between sculpture and function. While my techniques and materials have changed over time, I feel I have developed a style that is unique and recognizable. I strive to produce work that can be enjoyed on both a visual and a tactile level. If I can create an object that is eye-catching but also begs to be held, I have achieved my goal.

Studio B – Diane Stark Gronewald – 14265 Waco Street NW – Ramsey MN 55303